How to Celebrate the Holidays During Covid

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How to Celebrate the Holidays During Covid

This pandemic is promising to make the 2020 holiday season look like none other in our lifetimes. The norm during the holidays is that we travel to see loved ones or host them in our homes. Enjoying appetizers from shared plates, gathering around the TV to watch the movie or game before a buffet dinner and so much more.

How to celebrate the holidays during Covid? Over the holidays we tend to let our guards down. However, health experts recommend celebrating differently during the pandemic.

We won’t have the freedom to safely mingle as we normally do. All get-togethers will require careful forethought, strategic planning, creativity, and flexibility depending on our families’ risk factors.

Keep the Guestlist Short and Sweet

The first thing to think about is who will be at the gathering, experts say. Make sure you know how careful others are being before you agree to attend or host.

Use these planners to organize your list of guests, your list of gifts and your holiday activities.

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Avoid Hugs, Kisses and Handshakes

We all know how difficult this might be not showing open affection to your loved ones. But, we recommend – open communication about the no contact rule before and during the holidays. This can help make everyone safer and more comfortable. 

Virtual Gatherings -The New Trend

We all have to be creative to make this holiday celebration special. Let’s utilize the power of technology. Virtual gatherings are a low risk activity, and for many people, gathering in the same house or outdoor space will just not be possible this year.

Invite your relatives and theirs for Zoom or FaceTime calls during the meal. Share recipes ahead of time, so everyone can eat the same food in different places. Also, everyone can share fun memories, stories, pictures, etc.

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Socially Distance In-Person

Setting up the tables creatively is another solution that can be employed at any type of gathering. We suggest having smaller sets where people can sit with their immediate family, while staying 6 feet apart from people in other households at all times, even at mealtime.

Entertain Outside

Outdoors is much better than inside for safer dining and socializing. It might be a good idea to put heat lamps and a fire pit high on your holiday wish list and have the equipment delivered before the holidays! 

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Avoid Extensive Travel, If Possible

If you plan to travel or host guests from out of town, you need to assess the rate of infection of both locations. We have to be more thoughtful than we normally would have in terms of just jumping on a plane or in the car.

Think Out-of-the-Box for Holiday Gift Giving

Consider gift shopping online. Check out our article 50+ gift ideas for him and her . We have complied a list of amazing affordable gift options, all from the comfortable of your home.

Other gift ideas such as sending a meal or dessert to your friends via their favorite local restaurants or make a donation in a friend’s name to their favorite non-profit organization. This is the season to think creatively — often the most meaningful gifts are the most creative ones.

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Other Tips

  • Everyone should wear masks when they aren’t eating- simple!
  • We recommend appointing one person to place food on everyone’s plate, so people don’t touch shared utensils
  • We highly suggest, an alcohol-free event, since drinking lowers inhibitions (they get louder, so they’re expelling more viral particles)
  • Use disposable plates, flatware, napkins, and tablecloths (plus, it’s much easier to clean up afterward)

Finally, check-in on loved ones. Everyone, no matter what they might reveal on their social media posts, is going to have some challenging times ahead. It is not easy to get through a holiday season during a global pandemic. Call your family, friends, neighbors, long-ago acquaintances.

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The reality is, the pandemic is not abating any time soon — even with vaccines and improved medical treatments on the horizon. The better news is the outlook for a more normal holiday season 2021 is promising.

We hope you all enjoyed this post, How to Celebrate the Holidays During Covid. We had a great time rounding up these, practical, tips for you. Have a safe and joyful holiday!

Did you find these ideas listed in this article helpful? What are some of your ideas? How have they worked for you? Let us know in the comments.

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